Are all your products ecofriendly?

   That's a very good question; we live in a society that is fully dependent of non-environmental components, we focus all our attention in only offering ecofriendly and biodegradable products but is inevitable that some of this products are linked to this components, like the use of plastic bottles, some types of vegan leather, etc. The goal is to reach zero-waste and we think our store is a few steps ahead by only offering ecofriendly or cruelty free products; you can check our "About Us" page for more info in our goals.

How can I reach your store if I have an specific question about a product or a question in general?

   There is an "Ask a Question" menu in each product's page, you can also send us a message in our "Contact Us" page. From here you can always let us know if you have a problem with a product; if you feel that one of the item does not match our categories, feel free to send us your comments on that.

How can I contact you for business enquiries?

    Thanks for your interest, please send us an email to business@greenaplace.com. Give us as much details as you can about your partnership ideas and we will get back to you as soon as possible, meanwhile feel free to look around.