10 Reasons Why You Should Shop Vegan and Eco-Friendly

10 Reasons Why You Should Shop Vegan and Eco-Friendly

Many people are making the brave choice to shop vegan and eco-friendly. If you’re new to the movement, you may wonder why it’s better to choose companies that produce sustainable products with less impact on the planet.


You protect the earth when you shop eco-friendly, but there are plenty of reasons why choosing vegan products can benefit you. Here are 10 reasons why you should shop vegan and eco-friendly:

 1. Reduce Waste

When you shop vegan, you’ll reduce the amount of waste you generate. Eco-friendly products are made with sustainably-grown ingredients and have thoughtful packaging. Fast fashion and typical beauty products use a lot of materials for packaging, so they generate a lot of waste.

When you resort to cheap clothes in fast fashion, they wear much faster and end up in the trash can. But when you shop for sustainable fashion and products, you also get better quality items. Since you’ll be keeping your garments longer, you’ll reduce your own waste.

2. Less Greenhouse Gas Emissions  

Buying vegan products is very important for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. You need fossil fuels to make synthetic fabrics, which then pollute the air when they’re produced and manufactured.


Instead of buying products made at large manufacturing plants overseas, shop for sustainable fashion. Whether it’s locally made, or from an online eco-friendly store, you’ll save some greenhouse gas emissions and do your part to save the atmosphere.

 3. Support Small Businesses 

Large brands and companies may claim they’re eco-friendly or vegan, but that doesn’t mean they are. Large brands may have big marketing budgets to make it look like they’re vegan or eco-friendly, but the ingredient label may tell a different story.


You can easily see how small businesses are vegan, and they’re usually very transparent about how their products are made. Locally-sourced products use much less energy and are generally of better quality. When you support small businesses, you support people’s passions and directly help them achieve their dreams. Doesn’t that feel good?

 4. It saves Lives 

We’re not exaggerating when we say that shopping vegan literally saves lives. Many brands still test their products on animals. These poor animals are kept in cages their whole short lives, and they live in fear of their testers. Once they’re not useful for testers anymore, they’re euthanized.


Animal testing is a cruel, outdated, and senseless practice. Shop vegan so you know none of your products are tested on animals.

5. It's Safer for your Body

Vegan products are much safer for your body than other products. Makeup sits on top of your skin, and skincare gets absorbed through the skin. Synthetic ingredients may be inexpensive, but they aren’t good for you. Natural products will absorb better, work with your natural chemistry, and have much better results.


Whether you’re looking for soap, face cream, or shampoo, natural vegan ingredients are much safer for your body than synthetics. You may even find that your frizzy hair or sensitive skin symptoms go away when you use vegan products since they’re naturally gentler.

6. It's Healthier for you 

Vegan products aren’t just safer for you, they’re healthier too. Many products you come in contact with use toxic ingredients. Even products like handbags, shoes, and accessories are treated with chemicals to keep bugs away. These chemicals can be absorbed through your skin and present a danger to your health.


But eco-friendly products use very little to no toxic ingredients. Whether it’s makeup, handbags, pet care, or furniture, you don’t have to worry about vegan products carrying toxic chemicals.

7. Protect Workers 

Fast fashion and large fashion companies outsource their work to developing countries like China, India, and Bangladesh. In these countries, workers’ rights are basically nonexistent. Unfortunately, this means the workers are often exploited.


Workers are forced to work long hours for below a living wage. They’re also forced to work in unsafe buildings, with no ventilation as they’re breathing in toxic substances.


Shop vegan so you aren’t supporting these practices. When you support a small business or local business, you know the workers get fair pay and good working conditions.

8. Sustainably-Grown Ingredients and Materials 

Eco-friendly products use materials or ingredients that are sustainably grown. It’s no secret that the fashion industry deforests the rainforests to get materials for wood-based fabrics like rayon and viscose. In fact, over 70 million trees are cut down each year to make our clothes. Shopping for sustainable fashion preserves nature and the animals that live there.


But it doesn’t just stop at the forest, the fashion industry also plays a major part in degrading the soil. We need soil in our ecosystem to absorb CO2 and for food production. The fashion industry needs goats and sheep to overgraze pastures to get enough cashmere and wool. The industry also uses lots of chemicals to grow cotton, which depletes the soil.

9. Better Quality Products 

It goes without saying that good quality products will last you longer. Organic, vegan, and eco-friendly products don’t use cheap chemicals or synthetics, so the products will be of better quality. Whether you’re buying cleaning material, candles, skincare, makeup, or pet care, you can bet your dollar will go a lot farther with a vegan, naturally-made product.


Since your products are of better quality, you’ll end up buying less over time. Not only does this save you money, but you’ll be reducing the amount of waste you produce. As you cut back on your consumerism, you’ll help build a better world.

10. Save the Ocean 

The fashion industry uses a lot of chemicals to treat clothing, shoes, and accessories. These manufacturing plants then dump toxic wastewater directly into rivers. Toxic chemicals such as mercury, arsenic, and lead then go directly into the ocean and affect the people who live by the riverbanks.


Unfortunately, the toxic substances affect the ocean and spread around the globe. Eco-friendly stores don’t treat their products with harsh chemicals, so you can rest easy knowing the fish aren’t affected by your purchases.


Now that you know how much better it is to shop vegan, it’s time to find some eco-friendly businesses where you can get quality products. Green a Place offers plenty of vegan products, including handbags, cosmetics, personal care, pet care, and more. Visit our online store to shop today.



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